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Microsoft Insights 2013

Microsoft Insights 2013

On Tuesday, October 29, Microsoft Learning are kicking off a series of Microsoft Insights events. Speakers from a range of sectors will be sharing their knowledge of emerging opportunities in technology fields, insights into the training available to up-skill and resources that will help you get ahead.

I am really excited to see what the panel has to say about the current changing market. Skills in the technology industry are diversifying as people are finding new and innovative ways of harnessing online platforms and mobile devices. It is sometimes easy to forget that these platform rely upon a robust infrastructure which is now increasingly becoming off-premise and using Cloud Computing.

I’m hoping that the panel will discuss opportunities and insights into disruptive technologies that can help Digital Marketing – if they forget to do so, I will definitely be asking the question!

The live panel discussion kicks off at 4PM GMT on Tuesday 29 October. You can view the panel discussion online for FREE but you need to register beforehand on the MVA website using this link.


CompTIA EMEA Conference 2013

Terry Erdle kicks off the #EMEA13 conference

Terry Erdle kicks off the #EMEA13 conference


This week, I attended my fourth consecutive CompTIA EMEA conference.  The conference focus has changed over the years but the format is the same with a first day specialist sessions with the second day as the main conference day. It’s always a good opportunity to catch up and network with people with shared interests and this conference was no exception.

In addition to the networking opportunities, there was a whole slew of interesting sessions. CompTIA conferences tend to focus on the hot topics of the day and this year was no exception with sessions on Big Data, Mobile Marketing and creating a Social Media culture. There were also sessions on topics of certification including funding of UK qualifications (which could include CompTIA certs), establishing a differentiation as a Training Provider and of course an annual update of CompTIA certs.

It was such a packed agenda and I had to make some harsh choices with which sessions to attend and networking. So this is one conference where I am definitely looking forward to playing back the recordings and the slides!

One question that was playing at the back of my mind throughout the conference is the relevance of CompTIA certifications in a world where people are obsessed by particular eco-systems (iOS, Windows, Android etc.) I am a big fan of vendor neutral but it is hard to avoid the reality that CompTIA certs are no longer counted in the MCSA and other vendor certification pathways. There is also a bigger emphasis on “just-in-time” learning which is on-demand and on all devices. At that point people are not looking for “generally” this could be a “potential” solution or reason for a problem. They want to know exactly how to fix their issues on a particular device or software. It would be interesting to see the certification landscape in 12 months time.

Joey Snow and Rick Claus are coming to York!


The “Windows User Group” proudly presents Windows 8: Rock and Roll IT Event, featuring Joey Snow & Rick Claus from Microsoft USA

Rick Claus and his partner in arms Joey Snow are coming to York. No, not “New York”, but “Old York” – the place that the Vikings called Jorkvik a long time ago.

A bit like the Vikings, Joey and Rick are coming to spread their new-fangled ideas through their infamous MVA Office Hours.

These two fine Evangelists have been touring the United States, putting right what once went wrong and hoping that…hold on – that’s Quantum Leap. But their tour has literally seen them “quantum leaping” from state-to-state telling hordes of people about what’s great about the new Windows Server and Client.

The format is fast and loose. They ask questions about the audience (IT Pro, Educator, Student etc.) Then they dive right in with 3 slides (yes just 3 slides!) They will talk and show you in 3 hours exactly what can Windows 8 do for you that you couldn’t do in Windows 7. Why does Windows 8 matter? And where does Windows Server 2012 fit into managing and maintaining those client operating systems.

The event is taking place at the University of York. A fine establishment with a long history. Yes, we’re expecting a portion of the attendees to be students but the university is also home to a vibrant technology park and incubator businesses. Up and coming and established IT Professionals will also make up a sizeable chunk of the audience. Rick and Joey are certainly going to have their work cut out!

This is the inaugural meeting of Windows User Group and we want you to join us and put these Microsoft Evangelists through their paces!

The event is FREE and takes place on Wednesday 19 June. The start time is 17:45 and you need to register beforehand:

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